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"The ponies run, the girls are young, the odds are there to beat. You win a while, and then it's done - your little winning streak"*

 The old 1-2 as Ridge Ranger (advised 16/1) comes clear of Double Up at Goodwood (28 July 2015). The rest nowhere.

Welcome to my website where you will find articles (the majority of which have been published in the London Racing Club  magazine) concerning trips to Irish horse race meetings over the last 15 years as well as betting exploits there and at other tracks. There is also some information on Ludlow, photographs from university days in the late '60s as well as a few photos from my travels in Europe. 

I have operated a free advisory betting service on my blog since Dec 2009. Complete annual results can be found here:
201320122011 and 2009/10

Betting activity was reduced significantly from 1st January 2014. 
This year's bets can be found on the following link: 2015. Here is a recent update on the betting service which explains the reasons for the decline in activity and the subsequent closing of the service: Blog update October 2015
My blog can be found at: mikequigley.blogspot.com

Latest Irish track visit report here: Leopardstown & Galway July 2015 



Irish track visits across the country.  
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Photographs from student days in the "revolting" '60s

   *Leonard Cohen      

There where the course is,

Delight makes all of the one  mind,

The riders upon the galloping horses,

The crowd that closes in behind

W B Yeats, At Galway Races  


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